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The Dart Frog Blog! Installment: 1

Green & Black Poison Dart Frog

I have an ever-growing list of blog/article ideas for my site. But everytime I sit down and think "Oh! I should write about that!" I tell myself, "No. You don't have enough time to write something thorough, well-researched, and thought-provoking. Maybe tomorrow."

Today is tomorow.

I have decided to give myself the permission to post short blogs called "Dart Frog Blogs." These are quick ideas I want to explore, past projects I want to share (and thus archive in the cyber-space), in a format that is OK to be quick like a frog, and possibly a little painful (since these blogs are not intended to be research papers, as much as I desire that to be the case), just like a dart.

Plus, I love frogs! I once created an entire research binder about frog species, frog health, and other fun frog facts while working my first ever desk job in high school as a data entry clerk. (Clearly I was working myself out of a job since I completed my data entra duties quick enough each day to design a binder about frogs. Little did I know, this type of organization and excitement for research would manifest itself again in my later years at Villanova University when designing my Dramaturgical File for Le Bourgeoise gentilhomme.

So now the main event.

For my first Dart Frog Blog, I submit the following poem I wrote as a thank you to a funder on a Kickstarter campaign for Beacon Theatre Productions. She provided the topic, "to fly," and I provided the poem. Should out to Sweet Pea Path's tumblr account for the image! I used to write poetry often in middle and high school, and I believe I should re-visit the practice:

Thank you for taking the time to read my little poem and the first installment of The Dart Frog Blog. I hope it has instilled a little flutter in your viscera, compelling you to write a poem of your own. :-)


#poetry #dartfrogblog #tofly #lebourgeoisegentilhomme

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