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If you know me, you know that music plays a large role in my life. I began my college career as a math major, but then finished my college career majoring in music. (Music theory was one of my favorite subjects -- hooray for math & music joining forces!)


I attended The Virginia Governor's School For The Performing Arts as well as The Washington Opera Camp For Kids way back in the day. 


I'm one of those "sang in every choir group possible" gals. I performed in the following groups during my school years:

  • All State Chorus

  • All District Chorus

  • All County Chorus

  • Chamber Choir (in both high school & college)

  • Show Choir

  • A capella groups (Bear Voices @ Kutztown University)

  • Jazz ensembles

  • Praise Bands


And post-graduation:

  • Religious ceremonies

  • Weddings

  • A capella groups

  • Cantatica Chamber Ensemble

  • Old Towne Carolers


Teaching Music

I currently share my love and knowledge of music through the class "Music & Movement" at West Chester Studio For The Performing Arts in West Chester, PA. The class is designed for Kindergarten to 2nd grade age students who have minimal music exposure to explore the world of music through hands-on piano time and music theory games that combine physical coordination and intellectualization of music theory (yes, for grades K to 2).

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